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Resumen del Producto:

  • Extended Product Type: PR4
  • Product ID: 1SNA168500R1200
  • EAN: 3472591685008
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2 piece
  • Customs Tariff Number: 72166110
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  • Descripción: PR4 Symmetrical mounting rail complying with IEC60715
  • Mounting on DIN Rail: TH35-15 (35 x 15 mm Mounting Rail) acc. to IEC 60715
  • Suitable For: BAM4 D1.5/4.2L D1.5/4.2L.2L D1.5/4.4L D10/10.1.2L D10/10.2L D10/10.3L D10/10.NT.L D16/12.2L D16/12.3L D16/12.NT.L D2.5/5.2L D2.5/5.2L.2L D2.5/5.3L D2.5/5.4L D2.5/5.A.L.L D2.5/5.A.LL.L D2.5/5.A.LLP.L D2.5/5.A.N.L D2.5/5.A.NL.L D2.5/5.A.NLP.L D2.5/5.A.NTLP.L D2.5/5.C3.L D2.5/5.C4.L D2.5/5.D2.L D2.5/5.DD.L D2.5/5.DE.L D2.5/5.DE1.D.L D2.5/5.DE1.L D2.5/5.DE2.D2.L D2.5/5.DE2.L D2.5/5.DL.L D2.5/5.I.3L D2.5/5.I.4L D2.5/5.L.L D2.5/5.LL.L D2.5/5.LLP.L D2.5/5.N.L D2.5/5.NL.L D2.5/5.NLP.L D2.5/5.NT.L D2.5/5.NTLP.L D2.5/5.SB.2L D2.5/5.SB.4L D2.5/5.SNB.2L D2.5/5.SNBT.2L D2.5/5.SNBT.4L D2.5/5.T1.L D2.5/5.T1.P.L D2.5/5.T3.L D2.5/5.T3.P.L D2.5/8.SF.2L D2.5/8.SNT.2L D35/16.2L D35/16.NT.L D35/16.PEN.2L D4/6.2L D4/6.3L D4/6.4L D4/6.A.LL D4/6.LNTP.L D4/6.NT.L D6/8.2L D6/8.3L D6/8.NT.L D70/22 DS2.5/10.4L DS2.5/5.2L M6/8.ST ZDK2.5-22 ZDK4-22 ZDP2.5-11 ZDP2.5-22 ZDP2.5-D1 ZDP2.5-D2 ZDS4-22 ZDS4-22-R1 ZK10 ZK10-3P ZK10-PE ZK10-PE-3P ZK16 ZK16-3P ZK16-PE ZK16-PE-3P ZK2.5 ZK2.5-3P ZK2.5-4P ZK2.5-D1 ZK2.5-D1-PE ZK2.5-D2 ZK2.5-D2-PE ZK2.5-D-CH ZK2.5-PE ZK2.5-PE-3P ZK2.5-PE-4P ZK2.5-S ZK2.5-SF ZK2.5-SF-R ZK2.5-SP ZK2.5-S-R1 ZK4 ZK4-3P ZK4-4P ZK4-PE ZK4-PE-3P ZK4-PE-4P ZK6 ZK6-3P ZK6-PE ZK6-PE-3P ZP2.5 ZP2.5-3P ZP2.5-4P ZP2.5-D1 ZP2.5-D2 ZP2.5-PE ZP2.5-PE-3P ZP2.5-PE-4P ZP2.5-S ZP2.5-SP ZS10 ZS10-PE ZS10-S ZS10-SP ZS16 ZS25 ZS25-PE ZS35 ZS35-PE ZS35-PEN ZS4 ZS4-D1 ZS4-D2 ZS4-D2-S ZS4-D2-SF1 ZS4-D2-SF1-R ZS4-D2-S-T ZS4-D-CH ZS4-PE ZS4-PE-R2 ZS4-R1 ZS4-R2 ZS4-S ZS4-SF ZS4-SF1 ZS4-SF1-R ZS4-SF1-T ZS4-SF-R ZS4-SF-T ZS4-SP ZS4-SP-R1 ZS4-SP-T2 ZS4-SP-T2-R1 ZS4-S-R1 ZS4-S-R2 ZS4-S-R3 ZS4-S-T ZS4-S-T-R1 ZS4-T3 ZS4-T3-R1 ZS50 ZS50-PE ZS6 ZS6-3S ZS6-3S-PE ZS6-4S ZS6-4S-PE ZS6-D1 ZS6-D1-PE ZS6-D2 ZS6-D2-PE ZS6-PE ZS6-S ZS6-S-4S-T ZS70 ZS95
  • Rated Cross-Section: 50 mm²
  • Connecting Capacity UL/CSA: Stranded 0 AWG
  • Data Sheet, Technical Information: 1SNK160041D0201
  • RoHS Information: 1SND230012F0203
  • ETIM 4: EC001285 - Mounting rail
  • ETIM 5: EC001285 - Mounting rail
  • ETIM 6: EC001285 - Mounting rail
  • Object Classification Code: X
  • Package Level 1 Gross Weight: 1.83 kg
  • Package Level 1 EAN: 3472591685008
  • Product Packing Type: Rail
  • Package Level 1 Units: 2 piece
  • Extended Product Type: PR4
  • Product ID: 1SNA168500R1200
  • EAN: 3472591685008
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2 piece
  • Customs Tariff Number: 72166110
  • Product Net Height: 35 mm
  • Product Net Length: 15 mm
  • Product Net Depth: 15 mm
  • Product Net Weight: 915 g
  • Product Net Width: 2000 mm
  • Spacing: 2000 mm
  • Function: Mounting Rail
  • Rated Short-time Withstand Current (Icw): for 1 s 6000 A
  • Degree of Protection: acc. to IEC 60529, IEC 60947-1, EN 60529 Main Terminals IP20
  • Insulation Material: Zinc plating and passivation steel
Santa Clara Systems se especializa en piezas difíciles de encontrar. Elija de nuestro inventario de exceso y ahorre en 1SNA168500R1200 . Santa Clara Systems tiene 36,191 artículos de ABB.
  • Non Slotted Construction
  • - Pr4 Th 35-15 Is The Most Rigid Mounting Rail Solution And It Can Support Any Electrical Devices.
  • - Symmetrical Mounting Rail Complying With Iec60715
  • - The Rigidity Of The Rail Is Maximised By The 2.3 Mm 0.090 In Thickness Of The Rail
  • And By Its Solid
  • Alternativas

    • TS4-2M-PR4
    • TS4 2M PR4
    • TS42MPR4

    Errores Tipográficos Comunes

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    • 1SNA16850OR1200
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    • 1SNA168500R1200-I
    • 1SNA168500R1200-J
    • 1SNA168500R1200-K
    • 1SNA168500R1200-L
    • 1SNA168500R1200-M
    • 1SNA168500R1200-N
    • 1SNA168500R1200-O
    • 1SNA168500R1200-P
    • 1SNA168500R1200-Q
    • 1SNA168500R1200-R
    • 1SNA168500R1200-S
    • 1SNA168500R1200-T
    • 1SNA168500R1200-U
    • 1SNA168500R1200-V
    • 1SNA168500R1200-W
    • 1SNA168500R1200-X
    • 1SNA168500R1200-Y
    • 1SNA168500R1200-Z

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