• Allen Bradley 802T-AP Limit Switch Product Image
  • Allen Bradley 802T-AP Limit Switch Product Image
  • Allen Bradley 802T-AP Limit Switch Product Image
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  • Description: Limit Switch
  • Torque to Operate Contacts (Max.): 0.29N-m (2.6lb in)
  • Maximum Travel: 90
  • Travel to Reset Contacts (Max.): 7
  • Operating Lever: Operating Lever Not Selected , An Operating Lever Is Needed To Make A Functional Switch.
  • Actuation Type: Lever Type, Spring Return, Standard Operating Torque
  • Type: Oiltight Limit Switches
  • Number of Circuits: 2-Circuit
  • Mode of Operation: CW and CCW operation
  • Switch Components: Complete Switch
  • Travel to Operate Contacts (Nominal): 13
  • Energy Rating: Standard Energy
  • Plug-In or NonPlug-In Style: Plug-In
  • Safety Switch: No
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    Appended Numbers

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    • 802T-AP-M
    • 802T-AP-N
    • 802T-AP-O
    • 802T-AP-P
    • 802T-AP-Q
    • 802T-AP-R
    • 802T-AP-S
    • 802T-AP-T
    • 802T-AP-U
    • 802T-AP-V
    • 802T-AP-W
    • 802T-AP-X
    • 802T-AP-Y
    • 802T-AP-Z

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