• General Electric IC693 PBM 200 PROFIBUS DP Master Module Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PBM 200 PROFIBUS DP Master Module Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PBM 200 PROFIBUS DP Master Module Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PBM 200 PROFIBUS DP Master Module Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PBM 200 Barcode


Product Summary:

  • Type of Device: Profibus DP Master Module
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  • Description: PROFIBUS DP Master Module
  • Type of Device: Profibus DP Master Module
  • Configuration Requirements: Only ME Logic Developer PLC programming software version 3.0 or later can be used to configure the IC693PBM200 PROFIBUS DP Master module.
  • CPU Firmware Requirement: CPU Release 8.00 or later is required; however, if configuring very large networks, CPU Release 10.60 or later is required.
  • Computer System Requirements: Windows NT version 4.0 with service pack 4 or later, OR Windows 2000 Professional, OR Windows XP, OR Windows 98 SE, Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later.
  • PLC Modes: While the PLC is in either of Run or Stop IOScan modes, the IC693PBM200 scans all configured slaves, sending outputs and reading inputs. When the PLC is not scanning I/O, the module continues to scan all I/O but enters Clear mode. In Clear mode, zeroed data is sent to all of the configured slaves. When the PLC again transitions to either Run or Stop IOScan mode, output transmission resumes using the most recentlysupplied output data
  • Data Size Limitations: The amount of data that can be exchanged between the CPU and the IC693PBM200 module is limited to 3,972 bytes of input data (data going from the IC693PBM200 module to the CPU) and 3,972 bytes of output data (data going from the CPU to the IC693PBM200 module).
  • Product Details: The size of the slave status area for the IC693PBM200 is 128 points by default, compared to the 64 points used by the HE693PBM101. The user may need to consider reducing the size of the slave status area to match the previous module?s usage.
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