• General Electric IC693 PCM 301 Programmable Coprocessor 192K Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PCM 301 Programmable Coprocessor 192K Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PCM 301 Programmable Coprocessor 192K Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PCM 301 Programmable Coprocessor 192K Product Image
  • General Electric IC693 PCM 301 Barcode


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  • Description: Programmable Coprocessor 192K
  • Type of Device: Programmable Coprocessor Module, 192 Kbyte (47 Kbyte Basic Program), with Port Expansion Cable
  • Product Description: The Programmable Coprocessor Module (PCM) GE Fanuc 90-30 GEFIC693PCM301 is a high performance coprocessor for the Series 90-30 Modular CPUs. The PCM GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693PCM301 supports the Modbus RTU and GE Fanuc CCM protocols, as well as the MegaBasic and C programming languages. The PCM GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693PCM301 has two separate ports, both accessed on one front panel connector.
  • LED Indicator Lights - OK: Normally ON. Indicates the basic condition of the module.
  • LED Indicator Lights - US1 and US2: By default, LED US1 flashes to indicate activity on Port 1, and LED US2 flashes to indicate activity on Port 2. Both LEDs stay OFF when there is no port activity. However, the function of these two LEDs can be custom configured by the user. Please see GFK-0255 for custom configuration details.
  • Restart Pushbutton: Used to place the module in either the RUN mode or the PROGRAM mode.
  • Memory Backup Battery: The Lithium battery for backup of RAM memory is installed in a battery mounting clip on the inside of the PCM faceplate.
  • Cables - IC693CBL304/305: These Wye cables split out the two PCM port connections from the single connector on the front of the PCM modules. One of these cables is supplied with each PCM module. The IC693CBL304 is for the PCM300. The IC693CBL305 is for the PCM301 and PCM311.
  • Cables - IC690CBL701/702/705: These cables provides a direct RS-232 connection between the PCM and various programmers? serial ports. These cables are not supplied with the PCM modules.
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